About the artist

Tom Knutson works in a variety of media, expressing a unique perspective from a sometimes uneasy mind. Themes in his work include, humanity, religion, deviancy and humour.

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From stencils to stone cutting, Knutson’s artistic practice is varied.

Running through his work is a passion for colours, shapes, multiple meanings, sometimes difficult communication, and the idea of sharing awareness.

Words and literary references play a major role in Knutson’s work, acting as the primary focus of many pieces. There is a depth to Knutson’s work, often layers deep and at times hidden beneath obvious humour and beauty.


Born in London, Knutson’s academic path led from Secondary school to Art Foundation and onto University study.

Graduating from Leeds College of Art and Design in 2005, Knutson studied Visual Communications focusing on the combination of words and images.

After dreaming of a career as a copywriter in a creative team, Knutson’s studies and work experiences left him disillusioned with the world and philosophies of advertising and he instead pursued a new attraction to art as therapy.

This website provides a wonderful opportunity to explore the broad and ever growing catalogue of Knutson’s work.

Codes run deep through artwork found here along with references to a myriad of philosophical and religious texts.

Enjoy exploring!